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The information on this public notice is going to be valid from the semester 2017.2 on. Read this public notice, before you enroll in one of our courses.

Online registration for leveling test on the website: www.cursosextra.com on July 31st (Monday) and August 1st (Tuesday).

For the registration, the student has to fill the following fields:

*Complete name

*Email (the student has to provide an active email and always check it)



In CPF field, if you do not have a CPF, you must to fill it with your passport number and add ‘zeros’ after the number.

For example: If your passport code is 457898xyz, you have to fill only the number 457898 and add 5 ‘zeros’, generating the number 45789800000 to complete an eleven digits CPF.

Save your CPF number, because it will be necessary for you to take your conclusion certificate on the website:  http://www.certificado.prpe.ufsc.br/

*Birth date

*Home country

*Address (here in Brazil)

*Affiliation with UFSC

The student has to specify what his affiliation with UFSC is. If he is an exchange-program student who is regularly enrolled in one under or post-graduation course at UFSC, he must to provide the enrollment number or SIAPE, provided by UFSC or any other university. If the student is not affiliated to any institution, he has to select the option ‘community’ and pays the cost for this option.

*All information is mandatory and must be filled in order to make your registration for the leveling test.

The leveling tests of Portuguese for Foreign occur on the following dates:

*Leveling test: August, 2nd 2017 (Wednesday)

*Results of leveling test: August, 4th 2017 (Friday)

The leveling test is free of registration fees, but the candidates have to bring 1kg of non-perishable foods on the day of the test.

The students who have no proficiency in Portuguese language should not do the leveling test and they have to be enrolled on level 1.

The students who did the leveling test have to enroll on the level they were classified to. We will not enroll students on lower or upper levels.

We generally offer only one class of each level on the timetable to be released.

Before the in person enrollment, the students need to do an online registration on August 7th (Monday). Only the students previously registries can do the in person enrollment.

For the registration, the student has to fill the following fields:

*Complete name

*Email (the same from the leveling test)


*CPF (The same used on the registration for the leveling test)

*Birth date

*Country of origin

*Affiliation with UFSC

Check information on the leveling test section.

*All information is mandatory and must be filled in order to make your registration for the course.

*In person enrollment for leveled and new students on August 8th (Tuesday) and August 9th (Wednesday) at CCE- Building B, room 101.

During the enrollment days, the students have to bring the following documents: passport, visa and CPF, if they have.

The enrollment will not be confirmed without the necessary documents.

During the enrollment, these documents will be checked with the results of the leveling test and registration form.

After the enrollment, the student can access the bill of pay on the website: www.cursosextra.com, between August 8th (Tuesday) and August 10th (Thrusday) and the payment have to be made until August 10th (Thrusday). This payment can be made in any bank agency in Brazil (according to the opening hours of agency) or in any self-service stations or on internet. After the available time for payment, the enrollment is automatically canceled. The enrollment is only to be confirmed after we get notification of the payment by the bank.

*The classes start on August 11th (Friday).

Costs of the Portuguese for Foreign per semester:

– Exchange-program students: R$300,00 (1 parcela)

– Community: R$510,00 (This value can be made in 2 installment of 255 reais.)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We accept every visa in the enrollments of our courses, EXPECT TOURIST VISA. The student has to bring his visa in the enrollment day.

If you have any question, contact us in our email: nuplecce@gmail.com



Website: www.nuple.wordpress.com

Email: nuplecce@gmail.com

Telephone: (48) 3721-6587